Library Building

We offer competitive rates for building specially curated libraries and collections of any size, scope, and value. Throughout our tenure as book dealers we have worked with institutions, archivists, curators, and private collectors to aid in building towards their curatorial goals. Our aim is to support the efforts of institutions and collectors to further and diversify the possibilities of research and study within and beyond their academic communities. Our extensive network of sourcing and contacts allow us access to many different areas of acquisition at all price points and our combined 20+ years of bookselling enables us to ensure a satisfied end product – whether it be filling the shelves of your home or business for decoration or reading to building out a specialized concentration of material for your own pursuits of scholarship or collecting.

If you are a librarian nurturing an institutional collection in field(s) of study that may be on the marginalized spectrum or of local cultural importance, please know that those materials may be well-represented in our considerably larger “off-line” inventory of uncatalogued or unlisted stock. As we continue to strive towards making the bulk of these materials more accessible for all modes of acquisition, we hope our categorical division of items can suggest the range of our inventory waiting in the wings, and are always happy to provide further information and search for titles and content in our warehoused stock to help with institutional sourcing. Our placement ethics harbor a strong emphasis on the idea of properly localizing ephemera, books, and other printed matter to further support and dignify notions of cultural centricity. 

We also aim to support independent researchers who seek access to items on the antiquarian/collector market but are gatekept by prohibitive costs. While we participate in this market, we also wish to support as close to free and unrestricted access to knowledge as possible. We seek to attend acquiring material and building our inventory – especially the scarce, marginal, and ephemeral – with as much consideration and care as possible. Recognizing that as temporary stewards we hold obligations not just to potential buyers but to all seeking knowledge, those who may find need or want access  to the content of any of our material are invited to request a free digital PDF, in full, of any item we have cataloged and currently possess in our holdings which we will happily oblige as promptly as we can.